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CloudMeditation offers on-line and in-person common sense education, training, motivation, and coaching for anyone wishing to establish a sound sustainable meditative & contemplative spiritual practice.


Spirituality is innate in human beings, regardless of religious belief or affiliation, or not. Most meditative & contemplative techniques and methods associated with contemporary religious traditions predate those traditions. Therefore, CloudMeditation takes a varietal approach, drawing from many traditions and their ancient origins to custom tailor a spiritual practice to the needs and demands of one's own life.

Providing Spiritual & Meditative Guidance 

Spiritual Growth Awaits

Yoga at Home

"A friend once inquired if Gandhi’s aim in settling in the village and serving the villagers as best he could were purely humanitarian. Gandhi replied . . . 'I am here to serve no one else but myself, to find my own self-realization through the service of these village folk.'"

--- Robert Aitken ---

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